6 Things To Do If Your Filling Breaks And Falls Out

November 30, 2023

Investing into a dental restoration treatment does not come with a lifetime guarantee. Dental fillings are one of too many examples. Dental fillings use composite or resin based material to fill in teeth gaps caused by decay or mouth injury.
It is quite normal for a filling to wear off and break. It is also quite possible that it comes unannounced in situations where visiting a doctor might not be an immediate response. However, a dislodged filling needs quite an immediate and smart response. Some common reasons why a filling causes to fall are

  • Extreme teeth grinding
  • Chewing hard, sticky and crunchy food items
  • New cavity around the area
  • Excessive pressure while chewing
  • Filling lifetime is crossed

This blog talks about effective methods of handling immediate consequences post a broken filling.

Pain Management

If a broken filling causes pain, it is best to take appropriate medicines to manage pain and inflammation. Medicines are an effective way to subside pain and reduce chances of infection.

Secure the Filling

It is best to keep the worn off filling. If there are chances of reusing it, your dentist might resort to using the dislodged filling in your following visit.

Salt Water Rinse

A filling break can cause pain, sensitivity, inflammation and an increased risk of decay on an already affected site. Due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, salt water rinse can be extremely beneficial to alleviate pain and discomfort.
Mix 1 tablespoon of salt with warm water and gargle for a good minute or two to get instant relief and fight off bacteria.

Avoid Sugary and Hard Foods

Foods that might affect or increase the vulnerability of affected teeth must be avoided until it is professionally handled. Hard, chewy and crunchy foods will not only add up to the pain and sensitivity but also increase and spread decay.

Dental Cement

Temporary dental filling materials, referred to as dental cement or dental wax, are readily available at pharmacy stores accounting for prompt alternatives to secure a damaged tooth.

Book an Appointment

It is best to book an appointment with your dentist as early as you can in order to prevent any further damage to an already decayed tooth. Look for a nearest date and get it fixed rather than falling into another dental pit.

Finalizing Comments

Whether you are traveling, or it’s the weekend ahead and you just cannot visit your dentist in case of a broken filling; pain reducing medication, saltwater rinse, dental cementing and avoiding certain foods can be effective ways to address this issue.
However, all these are short lived and temporary solutions and need necessary medical intervention.
Seek professionally acclaimed dental assistance from our Harvard Certified periodontist Dr. Huzefa Saifee at Aava Dental. Call us at (818) 792-4500 for further queries and details.


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