Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction

Painless Tooth Extraction in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Just the thought of cavities, tooth decay, impacted wisdom teeth, etc., can be painful. So, how hard must it be to deal with it on a daily basis? It’s no secret that a damaged tooth can really mess with your day-to-day activities, which is why we offer the best tooth extraction services in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Even though tooth extraction surgeries get a bad rep, our experts at Aava Dental are here to challenge those stereotypes. Not only are our tooth removal surgeries pain-free, but they’re also easy on your wallet. So, why wait? If you’re suffering from tooth pain, let us take care of all your dental needs.

What Is Tooth Extraction All About?

Imagine this: you go to take a big bite of your favorite meal, ready to savor all the deliciousness within – only to be forced to stop mid-bite. You feel a sharp sting of pain travel up your mouth, electrifying your tooth.

Dental pain can be intense, whether it’s due to a cavity, gum disease, or a dental fracture. It’s not something you can just brush away. That’s where our tooth extraction specialists in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, come into action.

Tooth extraction is a procedure that helps remove a corrupted tooth from its roots. Although it sounds painful, thanks to our adept dental team, the entire process will be 100% pain-free for you.

When Is The Right Time To Pluck Out Your Tooth?

Don’t worry; here at Aava Dental North Hollywood, Los Angeles, we do our best to revitalize your dental health. It’s only in extreme cases we resort to tooth extractions. But even then, we make sure our patients don’t feel any discomfort. The only conditions that lead to a tooth extraction are:
  • Dental infection that has severely damaged the tooth.
  • Wisdom tooth is coming out at a weird angle.
  • Mouth is crowded with extra teeth.
  • Gum disease reaching a critical state.
  • Stubborn baby teeth that won’t fall out.

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt A Lot?

Not as much as you’d think, no. Plus, with our skillful dentists in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA taking care of you, pain will be a non-existent concept.

An extraction surgery typically starts with our dentist administering you local anesthesia. This helps to numb the surgical site, making you feel at ease.

Moreover, once the anesthesia takes effect, the dentist will then remove the bone and tissues surrounding the area, allowing the damaged tooth to come out easily.

When the tooth is finally removed, our team in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, will gently stitch back your gums so there’s no excess bleeding. Next, our dental experts will put gauze on the newly-stitched site so that you won’t have to deal with the ache even after the anesthesia wears off.

Here’s How Tooth Removal Can Benefit Your Dental Health

Believe it or not, tooth extraction has plenty of benefits. Once we remove the unhealthy tooth, it will automatically boost your oral health, effectively saving the rest of your teeth from dental trauma. It can also:
  • Brighten your smile.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Allow you to enjoy your favorite meals.
  • Remove the root cause of the problem.
  • Prevent gum disease and infection.
  • Eliminate all painful symptoms.

Your Trusted North Hollywood Dental Experts

If you’re tired of clutching your jaw in pain, look no further. Our experienced dentists will make sure you’re comfortable and free of pain throughout the extraction process. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bid adieu to that wobbly tooth and contact Aava Dental today! Head on over to our locations at Oxnard or North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, for a painless tooth extraction surgery.
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