How Do You Pull A Wiggly Tooth Out Safely?

December 15, 2023

As a child, the idea of losing a wiggly tooth is exciting. After all, who wouldn’t want the tooth fairy to leave them a present? But as you grow up, the idea of losing a tooth becomes scary and something you’d rather avoid.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur at any time, leaving your tooth to sway from side to side. So, whether it’s your child who’s about to lose their baby tooth or you’re dealing with an injury yourself, keep reading this blog to learn how to carefully pull out a wiggly tooth.

Is It Okay to Pull Out a Wiggly Tooth?

Even though it may seem dangerous, it is completely safe to pull out a loose tooth from its roots. That is, as long as you do it carefully and only if the tooth is on the verge of falling out. With clean and sanitized hands, take a piece of gauze and use it to check how wiggly the tooth is. If it seems firm, let it stay as it is, and do not touch it. However, if the tooth feels like it will come out, give it a small tug or visit your dentist for a proper extraction.

How to Pull a Wiggly Tooth Out?

Pulling a tooth from its roots can lead to disastrous results if you’re not careful. If you pull out the tooth too early, it can lead to bacterial infection. However, if you let a wiggly tooth stay for too long, it can turn into a hurdle in your day-to-day life. Dr. Huzefa Saifee has experience in dealing with all kinds of tooth-related troubles. Be it an adult or a child, he knows how to ease the patient’s anxiety and work with them to seek the treatment they need.

Nevertheless, when it comes to pulling out a wiggly tooth, here are some different ways you can try to relieve the pressure and pain.

  1. Wiggle The Tooth
    One of the best ways to go about pulling a loose tooth is going with the flow. That is to say, if the tooth feels wiggly, keep gently wiggling it to loosen it up further. This will cause the tooth to detach from the roots and fall out, free of pain.
  2. Use a Piece of Floss
    While it might be tempting to tie a piece of thread to a doorknob, it’s better to stick to simple and safe methods such as floss. Take a small piece of floss and carefully string it through the gap in the tooth, wiggling it back and forth until the tooth loosens itself.
  3. Eat Hard or Crunchy Foods
    Eating foods that are hard or have a crunchy texture is often banned by dentists. But if you’re looking to get rid of the wiggly tooth, try munching on an ice cube or a jawbreaker to get the loose tooth to fall out.
  4. Avoid Touching it Too Much
    If the tooth feels semi-attached, do not try too hard to tug at it. Instead, let it remain as it is and leave it alone until it automatically comes loose.
  5. Get it Professionally Pulled Out
    If you’ve exhausted every method of pulling out a tooth, but nothing seems to be working, don’t wait around. Visit your dentist for a tooth extraction and get it professionally removed.

What’s The Takeaway?

Pulling a wiggly tooth can be quite a memorable experience, especially in the case of a child. However, it is crucial to follow safety procedures and be very gentle when experimenting at home. At Aava Dental, Dr. Saifee is here to take care of your oral health and boost your smile in one visit. So, what’s the holdup? Reach out to us and schedule an appointment today at (818) 792-4500 (North Hollywood) or (805) 953-4069 (Oxnard).


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