All-On-X Procedure in North Hollywood, CA

All on X Procedures

Dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry in recent decades. With ongoing advancements, many new variations of dental implants are available to replace missing teeth. Dental experts at Aava Dental stay updated with the latest techniques and appliances to provide high-quality oral care. Among such advanced measures, our North Hollywood, CA practice offers the All-on-X procedure to replace an entire arch of missing teeth with an implant-supported prosthesis.

While many tooth replacement options exist, our dentists will evaluate your oral cavity to decide the best one for you. We may suggest an All-on-X procedure if you have lost an entire arch or all teeth. If you wish to learn more about tooth replacement variables, contact our team at (818) 792 4500 for further assistance.

What Is All-on-X Procedure?

It is a minimally invasive procedure which involves placement of 4 dental implants in your jawbone to support a full arch of replacement teeth. It allows you to get a complete set of artificial teeth without multiple surgeries. Using their surgical skills, our qualified dentists usually complete this procedure within a single visit under local anesthesia. All-on-X procedure is an amazing advancement that provides you with a full set of natural-looking teeth to restore your smile’s appearance and functional abilities.

Who Is A Good Candidate For All-on-X Procedure?

Anyone who has lost all their teeth or is willing to get the remaining teeth extracted due to tooth decay can benefit from All-on-X procedure done at our facility in North Hollywood, CA. Compared to conventional removable dentures, All-on-X implants give patients a permanent, long-term solution for missing teeth. The ideal candidate can be someone who is missing multiple teeth or already wears dentures. The All-on-X procedure is also suitable for those who have lost significant bone density and cannot get a full set of dental implants. Since it requires the placement of four dental implants only, it is more efficient and affordable than other implant-related options for full mouth reconstruction.

What Happens During All-On-X Procedure?

Typically at our North Hollywood, CA, practice, All-on-X procedure requires a single appointment. During initial consultation, our dentists will evaluate your oral cavity and perform CBCT scans to visualize your case in detail. Depending on your bone density, jawbone contours, and facial structure, we will design a plan for implant placement that provides the best results. The process will begin with the administration of local anesthesia. Our team will place dental implants in their designated positions through minimally invasive oral surgery. Once the implants are in place, we will secure the new set of teeth with them and check for bite adjustments. Our team will ensure your satisfaction at every step, and after the process is complete, we will provide post-treatment instructions for a smooth recovery.

Restore Your Dentition with All-on-X Implants

Losing multiple teeth due to aging, trauma, or other medical issues can be challenging for anyone. If you wish to restore your quality of life, contact our specialists for the best tooth replacement options. At our North Hollywood, CA practice, we recommend All-on-X procedure if you have lost multiple teeth and want a quick, affordable solution. Book a consultation with us today to get comprehensive dental care for you and your family!
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