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Dental Fillings in North Hollywood, CA

You may have experienced the sensation of food becoming trapped in a cavity within your tooth or teeth while chewing. This can be an indication of dental decay, and you may wonder about treatment options. Fortunately, our team of experienced dentists offers dental fillings in North Hollywood, CA, which can effectively restore the appearance and functionality of your affected teeth. At Aava Dental, our goal is to deliver comprehensive dental care that promotes the ongoing health of your mouth.

Whether you have a chipped tooth or multiple decayed teeth, we are ready to fix all sorts of dental problems with restorative fillings. Contact our team at (818) 792 4500 to book an appointment with our expert dentists today!

Purpose of Dental Fillings

When the bacteria in your mouth invade your tooth structure, they can destroy the protective layers of your teeth, forming a cavity. As a cavity increases in size, it progressively weakens the structure of your tooth, potentially reaching a point where your tooth cannot be salvaged. To mitigate such complications and reinforce compromised teeth, our North Hollywood, CA-based practice provides restorative dental fillings. These restorations fill in the cavities in your teeth and protect them from further damage. Apart from dental caries, we also provide dental restorations for the following causes:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken, cracked, or damaged teeth
  • Minor spaces between teeth
  • Worn-out or eroded tooth surfaces
  • Replacement of old dental fillings

Process of Dental Fillings in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

During your initial visit, our team will perform a preliminary exam to identify your dental needs. We will also take dental x-rays to understand the extent of tooth damage. If dental fillings are the best treatment option, we will guide you through the process beforehand. Our dentists will also select a dental filling that fits your dental needs. Among many alternatives, such as metal fillings, glass ionomer cements (GIC), and ceramic restorations, composite fillings are the most preferred ones. It is because they resemble the natural color of your teeth and offer much more durability.

The treatment process starts with injecting a local anesthetic near the defective tooth. When the area is numb, we will use a dental drill to clean the infected area and debride your tooth. Once tooth prep is complete, we will place the dental filling and mold it to match the natural structure of your teeth. The final steps include finishing and polishing for a smooth, shiny surface without any rough edges. After completion, our dental team will give you the necessary guidelines to care for your dental restorations so that they last longer.

Restore Your Oral Health with Dental Fillings

Being hesitant to smile or unable to eat your favorite foods because of damaged teeth can be tough. You do not have to suffer anymore because our team in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, is ready to restore your smile with dental fillings. Visit our practice or contact us today to get the best dental solutions for you and your loved ones!
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