Food Stuck In The Tooth? 5 Ways You Can Manage Teeth Gaps

November 15, 2023

Imagine yourself in the middle of a family dinner where that stubborn piece of food just sits right inside the gap of your tooth. And you discreetly attempt to loosen it with your tongue, but it seems determined to stay put. As you struggle through keeping up with the ongoing conversation while also maneuvering a dental dilemma, it can be a worrying, oftentimes embarrassing situation for obvious reasons.
Gaps in teeth can be a root cause of sharp pain, sensitivity and tooth decay which ought to be managed early due to an increased risk of severe dental issues later. Regular brushing, floss and waterpiks can be effective ways to manage stuck food but these are just regular, one-time solutions. Gaps within teeth need early dental attention and intervention due to its increased susceptible nature to severe decays, toothache and other issues.
This blog will build upon five popular dental treatment methods used to combat gaps in the teeth.

Dental Fillings

In this process, the decayed portion is scraped off and the gap is filled. Dental filling is a dental procedure that manages hollow decayed teeth, gaps, broken or chipped teeth providing both aesthetic and functional solutions to multiple dental issues.

Dental Crowns or Veneers

Dental crowns and veneers are two most common restorative options used to manage a diverse nature of teeth gaps. Whether it is a chipped, broken, small, gapped teeth, crowns and veneers are customizable solutions for acquiring the look and feel of natural teeth.
Crowns sit atop of natural teeth while veneers are thin layered coverings usually reserved for the frontal set. They are usually made up of porcelain, ceramic, metal and resin.

Gum Contouring

Natural gum recession can also cause gaps between teeth. To address this issue, gum contouring, also known as gingival sculpting, is administered to reshape the gum line reducing the gaps between teeth.

Braces and Retainers

If the cause of gaps is due to misalignment, braces can be an effective orthodontic treatment in order to push the teeth back in order.
After the intensive braces’ treatments, dentists might recommend wearing retainers immediately after to maintain teeth alignment.


Invisalign is a customizable tray like structure that fits onto the dental arc and helps in keeping the teeth in shape or reducing gaps.

Mind The Gap – Summarizing Statements

Our teeth exhibit multiple dental symptoms over the course of years. One major dental issue is tooth gaps. Gaps between or beneath tooth structures can be due to misalignment, decay, gum problems etc.
If you are also looking to secure hollow dental gaps, contact Aava Dental at (818) 792 4500 for immediate medical attention. We are based in North Hollywood, CA 91606 and Oxnard CA 93033.


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