Advanced Gingivitis and Periodontics Treatment in North Hollywood, CA

Advanced Gingivitis and Periodontics

Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults? Although taking care of your teeth is important, it is just as essential to look after your gums. Gums and periodontal tissues form the supportive foundation that holds your teeth in the jawbones. If they weaken or get infected, your teeth cannot stay stable in the bone and fall out eventually. Fortunately, Aava dental offers regular periodontal checkups to diagnose and treat gum diseases early on. Our qualified dentists provide advanced gingivitis and periodontics treatment in North Hollywood, CA, to restore the optimum condition of your gums.

Our practice includes a diverse range of periodontal services that focus on preserving natural gingival tissues. If you have gum-related issues, visit our practice or contact us at (818) 792 4500 to schedule a consultation with our specialists.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a generalized term for inflammatory diseases that affect your gums and periodontium (tooth-supporting tissues). Although there are many variations of periodontal disease, the two most common exhibitions are gingivitis and periodontitis.
Gingivitis indicates the early stage of periodontal disease. It refers to inflammation of the gums. It occurs when bacteria in your oral cavity trigger the gingival tissues, causing an inflammatory response. The usual symptoms of gingivitis include redness of the gums, tenderness, and bleeding on brushing. More often than not, the early signs of gingivitis go unnoticed. But if you get routine dental checkups, this issue can be caught and treated earlier to prevent further complications.
If gingivitis continues progressing, it leads to an advanced stage known as periodontitis. As the name suggests, periodontitis means inflammation of periodontal tissues. As the bacteria gain access to your gingival pockets and connective tissues, they break down the supportive structure of your tooth. Therefore the leading symptoms of periodontitis are gum recession, gingival pockets, and bone loss. Severe periodontitis can result in tooth loss. To prevent that, our practice in North Hollywood, CA, offers advanced gingivitis and periodontics treatment to halt the progression of this disease and preserve your natural teeth.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

Depending on the severity of your disease, our dentists will tailor a specific treatment plan which may include a non-surgical or surgical approach.

Non-surgical periodontal treatment
When periodontal disease is diagnosed early, it is easier to halt its progression using non-invasive measures. While routine dental cleanings are sufficient for early-stage gum disease, advanced gingivitis requires thorough debridement by scaling and root planing (SRP). As a part of preventive treatment for advanced gingivitis and periodontics, our North Hollywood, CA team also utilizes topical or systemic antibiotics for additional care.

Surgical Periodontal Treatment
If the periodontal disease has reached a moderate or severe stage, it may not recover with non-invasive techniques only. Our experts in North Hollywood, CA, will employ surgical measures for advanced gingivitis and periodontics treatment. The surgery will mainly focus on disinfecting your gingival tissues and surrounding bone. If you have lost a significant level of bone, we can replenish it through a bone grafting procedure.

Get Advanced Gingivitis and Periodontics Treatment in North Hollywood, CA

Early diagnosis of periodontal disease can aid in preventing severe future complications. If you wish to conserve the health of your teeth and gums, visit our practice today and get a comprehensive periodontal checkup from our dental experts.

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