“My Dental Implant Hurts When I Chew” | 3 Possible Reasons

April 30, 2023

Dental implants have been gaining popularity as a permanent tooth replacement option due to the many benefits they offer. If you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, your oral surgeon will perform a series of procedures to place the implant and restore your smile. Once the healing period is over, you should not feel any pain or discomfort. Moreover, dental implants start functioning like natural teeth.

In some cases, though, people develop dental implant pain after their procedure. It is never a good sign to experience discomfort after your implants have been placed. So, do your dental implants hurt when you chew? In this blog, we will mention the possible reasons behind dental implant pain.

Why Your Dental Implant Might Hurt When You Chew

To answer, dental implant pain when chewing might result from biting incorrectly, gum disease, or an infection. You should immediately consult your dental specialist for an examination to learn the cause.

Dental implants may appear and function like natural teeth, but they are not like normal teeth. Hence, there are no nerves inside the implant, which exempts it from experiencing any discomfort. This means that the source of dental implant pain isn’t actually the implant, but something else where the discomfort is originating from.

Some reasons why your dental implant hurts when you chew include:


Gums and bones are the primary sources of dental implant pain. In most situations, peri-implantitis or dental implant infection is the reason why pain around a tooth implant arises.

When the bacteria start invading the bone around the implant, just like gum disease, the infection could be due to excess cement from the abutment or poor oral hygiene. Oftentimes, though, the cause of dental implant infection is intractable.

Your oral surgeon might treat the issue by removing the contaminated material or prescribing antibiotics, depending on your condition.

Improper Bite

Your dental implant should sit properly with your bite. If it does not, the bone around your tooth implant might start to hurt. As a result, biting down can put excess pressure on the implant, which pushes it down into the bone and causes pain. You will feel discomfort during or after chewing.

Your dentist might tackle this issue by changing the dental crown attached to the implant. This way, they can place a crown that adjusts with your bite better, resolving the discomfort.

Neighboring Teeth

Sometimes, dental implants hurt when they have not been placed properly. Therefore, it interferes with the surrounding teeth. Dental implants actually help your other teeth, but when the placement isn’t right, it can damage the neighbor. If this is the cause, then you may need to undergo a tooth extraction.


Do your dental implants hurt when you chew? It could be because the crown isn’t properly placed, which causes an improper bite. Or, perhaps, your implant is interfering with the neighboring teeth. In some cases, though, it could indicate an infection. No matter the cause, you will need to visit your oral surgeon to treat the pain.

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