Is It Okay For Your Teeth To Feel Loose With Braces?

April 15, 2024

The notion that braces could weaken your teeth or cause them to fall out has to be addressed once and for all.

While it is a natural part of the orthodontic procedure to experience discomfort and the sense that your teeth are loose in the first 2 to 3 days after your braces are tightened, this feeling is only transitory. And all that means is that your teeth are shifting into their proper places, which is why you got braces in the first place.

Read this blog to fully understand why you feel like you have a loose tooth with braces.

How Do Braces Work?

During an orthodontic treatment with braces, your teeth are subjected to pressure, gradually shifting them into their final positions. The periodontal ligaments stretch or contract in response to teeth movement.

Unsteady teeth and temporary changes in tooth position are okay to feel at first, as this is a part of the treatment, but remember that braces do not permanently loosen your teeth.

However, you should see an orthodontist if you feel any significant movement or issues.

What Happens If You Have a Loose Tooth with Braces?

Do not stress or panic if you find a loose tooth after receiving braces. It is typical for a tooth to become slightly movable as it responds to the pressure applied by braces.

However, if you suspect something is wrong, we strongly advise seeing your dentist to determine the cause. Your dentist will evaluate the tooth’s stability and recommend a suitable treatment plan.

How to Tighten Loose Teeth?

After orthodontic treatment, it is still possible to stabilize the teeth that have become loose throughout the process. Once the teeth have finished moving, they can be tightened and stabilized using retainers for six months.

This time period is important for the tightening stage. You can think of it like a cast needed to fix a broken arm. During this period, the bone repairs the gap; when it is entirely repaired, the teeth will feel solid again.

When Will You Start to See Results?

Braces provide consistent pressure to your teeth, but they will not move every day. After an adjustment, your teeth may be sensitive for a few days while they adapt to the new tension. The braces will maintain your teeth in their proper place until your next appointment.

Orthodontic treatment should involve moderate tooth movement to be successful and comfortable. Too much tooth movement can cause discomfort and damage the roots and surrounding bone. Remember that it takes time for your teeth to move into their proper positions and for the bone to adapt.

It is important to note that each orthodontic treatment differs. Some people may only need braces for 6 months for minor modifications, while others with more serious disorders may require them for up to 3 years.

In Summary

It is normal to feel your teeth loosening after getting braces, as it is done on purpose to accomplish the desired realignment. So there is no need to fear if you see your teeth are loose with braces.

We hope the information above has helped you find answers to your questions. For further information, please call Aava Dental at (818) 792 4500 for North Hollywood or (805) 953 4069 for Oxnard.


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