How Long After A Dental Filling Can I Eat?

March 15, 2024

Once you are done with the treatment of dental fillings, you may feel excited to munch on your favorite foods again. But you may also wonder if eating anything will damage your filling. While you can resume normal eating soon after the procedure, most dentists recommend waiting for a few hours or starting with a soft diet. In this blog, we will discuss dental fillings aftercare and share helpful tips to help you maintain the results of this treatment.

What Happens During The Process of Dental Fillings?

The need for fillings often arises due to cavities. Even if the cavity is small, it can cause discomfort, especially while biting or chewing food. For this treatment procedure, your dentist will first inject an anesthetic to numb your teeth. Once the tooth and surrounding soft tissues are numb, they will remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth.

For silver or amalgam fillings, your dentist may need to shape the cavity to enhance their retention. However, composite or porcelain fillings do not require detailed preparation. Your dentist will place the filling material and mold it to match the natural tooth structure. They will use a curing light to harden composite fillings.

How Long Should I Wait Before Eating After Dental Filling Treatment?

Once the procedure is complete, you can resume your routine activities soon after. However, most dental professionals suggest waiting a few hours before eating solid foods. In the case of silver fillings, you may have to wait 24 hours before eating a normal diet, as they take longer to harden completely.

With composite fillings, you can get back to eating normally after a few hours. This is to let your tooth adjust to the new change. It is best to start with a soft diet, including foods such as scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.

Avoid eating hard or chewy foods such as raw vegetables, nuts, or caramel toffees for a few hours. Biting too hard on these foods may damage or dislodge the filling.

Can I Drink Coffee After The Procedure?

Soon after the treatment, your teeth and oral tissues will remain numb for a few hours due to the effect of anesthesia. In that case, it is best to avoid hot foods or beverages like tea or coffee, as you could burn your mouth without feeling it.

If you feel hungry or want to have a drink, the better solution is to opt for cool drinks like milkshakes, fruit juices, smoothies, etc. Once the effect of anesthesia subsides, you can gradually return to your normal diet.


It is advisable to wait a few hours after dental fillings treatment before returning to a normal diet. For more helpful tips and personalized oral care, consult our dentists at Aava Dental. Call us at (818) 792-4500 (North Hollywood) or (805) 953-4069 (Oxnard) for an appointment today!


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