Tooth Pain Under Crown Comes and Goes — What Might Be the Reason?

March 30, 2023

Dental crowns act as a mini protective cap to cover a damaged or decayed tooth, shielding it from additional harm. Hence, crowns are a convenient option that helps you attain a new and much-improved smile. And if you take proper care of the cap, it can last as long as 30 years!

Although dental crowns work to protect your teeth, they are not indestructible. In some instances, patients complain of tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes — even if it has been months or years after the procedure.

Most of the time, dental infection or gum disease is responsible for the tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes. That’s not all, though! In this blog, we mention the possible causes of your tooth crown pain.

Causes of Tooth Pain Under Crown That Comes and Goes

It is fairly common to experience tooth pain under the crown. What’s important is the reason behind your tooth pain. Your dentist can determine the cause of your aching tooth and offer an effective treatment plan.

Here are some reasons why the tooth pain under crown comes and goes:

Ill-Fitted Crown

Your tooth will hurt quite a lot if the dental crown does not have a proper fitting. Therefore, gently wiggle the crown to check if it is moving or not. Visit your dentist right away if you suspect this to be the reason you have tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes.


Bacteria can invade your tooth even if there is a dental cap covering it. As a result, the tooth that contracts bacteria becomes decayed and causes a great deal of pain. Plaque buildup, along with a lack of oral hygiene, can lead to a cavity.

If the tooth pain under your crown comes and goes due to a cavity, talk to your dentist. They will be able to fix the issue.

Dental Infection

It’s possible that the tooth under the dental crown still contains infected nerves. As a result, the bacteria building up underneath attaches itself to the crown. You will feel the pain that comes and goes under the tooth crown. Furthermore, the pain will occur, especially when you apply pressure or bite down.

In simple terms, a dental infection might be responsible for the waves of tooth pain under the crown. Seek urgent dental care if you suspect this to be the issue.

Gum Recession

Yes, gum recession could be why you have recurrent tooth pain under the dental crown. But that’s not all — you will also experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. To avoid this irreversible condition, look out for the yellow area close to the base of your crown. This indicates that your gums are receding.

Cracked Tooth

If your tooth under the crown is fractured, you will experience a lot of discomforts. Hence, you will experience constant or inconsistent throbbing pain under the crown if your tooth is fractured. Other than this, you will have increased tooth sensitivity, indicating a cracked tooth. You will need emergency dental care for a cracked or fractured tooth.

What Should I Do?

In conclusion, a number of factors can cause tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes. You can visit a dentist for adequate treatment tailored according to your needs. For effective procedures, you can contact our Aava Dental dental professionals at (818) 792-4500. Or, give us a visit at 12820 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606.


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