What are Some Alternatives to Tooth Extractions?

Sep 15, 20231131 Views

Dreading to eat that chocolate bar or dreading to see a dentist because you don’t have to get your teeth removed. This is a question that by far most people are concerned about. With increasing developments in dentistry, there are multiple ways we can restore a decayed tooth or manage decays in general. First of […]

6 common dental issues smile makeover can fix

Aug 30, 20232018 Views

Smile is a universal form of expressing love and joy. It is a natural phenomenon, that if you smile you automatically feel positive and happy. The question is what about people who don’t feel confident when they smile? What is it that’s stopping you from smiling?  Are your crooked teeth not letting your smile to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Snap-In Dentures

Aug 15, 20231122 Views

If you have lost multiple teeth or are already wearing conventional dentures, you may consider replacement with a more reliable, long-term option. Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, many durable tooth replacements are available these days, including snap-in dentures. It is an ideal solution for those who have lost most or all of their […]

Is it Possible for Dental Implants to Get Cavities?

Jul 30, 20231986 Views

When you explore permanent tooth replacement options, you will notice the popularity of dental implants. They are known for being the most durable option that offers benefits no other teeth replacement does, making them unique and sought-after. From their appearance to their ability to stimulate jawbone growth, dental implants are pretty close to natural teeth. […]

Can You Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

Jul 15, 20231174 Views

If you are up for dental implant surgery, your mind must be racing with questions. Amongst the whirlwind of thoughts, one common query that arises is: “Can you eat after dental implants?” It is natural to have questions regarding tooth replacement treatment, but you can rest assured that dental implants will not imprison your tastebuds. […]

Pros & Cons of Braces Behind Teeth — Should You Get Lingual Braces?

Jun 30, 20232073 Views

Did you know you can get braces behind your teeth? Lingual braces have a similar design to traditional metal braces, but while you usually wear traditional braces on the front of your teeth, lingual braces are meant for the back of your teeth. Both adults as well as children can qualify for these braces, as […]

The Truth About Dental Implants: Do They Hurt?

Jun 15, 20231208 Views

Are you finally preparing for your dental implant surgery? Taking the leap to replace your missing teeth can be scary, but now it is finally time to improve your oral health. Since teeth implants involve placing posts in the jawbone, many people may plan to back out, afraid of the pain. So, how painful are […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: When is It Safe to Remove a Guaze?

May 30, 20231517 Views

So it happened — you finally made it through your wisdom tooth extraction. But before you get too excited, make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the oral surgeon. Otherwise, the aftermath of tooth removal will not look pretty, and you might have to revisit the dentist, clutching your jaw in pain. The dentist […]

7 Signs that Indicate You Need a Root Canal

May 15, 20231178 Views

When your teeth become infected, it can cause a lot of painful symptoms. If the damage is severe, dentists usually proceed with root canal treatment to get rid of the infection. But how do you know if you need a root canal? In this blog, we will reveal the signs you need a root canal […]

Getting a Dental Implant While Being Pregnant: Is It Safe?

May 10, 20231873 Views

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, dental implants are a popular choice for fixing missing teeth and making your smile look better. But, there are certain times when we need to think carefully about the potential problems that can happen. One of those times is when you’re pregnant. In this article, we’ll […]


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