How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Dec 30, 20231470 Views

You’ve probably heard all about root canals and how scary the process can be. But do you really know what happens during a root canal? Or how long does a root canal take? Most people hold a strong bias against root canals without realizing that it not only helps your teeth get rid of bacteria […]

How Do You Pull A Wiggly Tooth Out Safely?

Dec 15, 2023913 Views

As a child, the idea of losing a wiggly tooth is exciting. After all, who wouldn’t want the tooth fairy to leave them a present? But as you grow up, the idea of losing a tooth becomes scary and something you’d rather avoid. Unfortunately, accidents can occur at any time, leaving your tooth to sway […]

6 Things To Do If Your Filling Breaks And Falls Out

Nov 30, 20231606 Views

Investing into a dental restoration treatment does not come with a lifetime guarantee. Dental fillings are one of too many examples. Dental fillings use composite or resin based material to fill in teeth gaps caused by decay or mouth injury. It is quite normal for a filling to wear off and break. It is also […]

Food Stuck In The Tooth? 5 Ways You Can Manage Teeth Gaps

Nov 15, 2023929 Views

Imagine yourself in the middle of a family dinner where that stubborn piece of food just sits right inside the gap of your tooth. And you discreetly attempt to loosen it with your tongue, but it seems determined to stay put. As you struggle through keeping up with the ongoing conversation while also maneuvering a […]

What is Dental Scaling?

Oct 30, 20231659 Views

Dental scaling also known as tooth scaling is a common dental procedure that aims at removing buildup known as tartar or plaque on and around the tooth. It helps in deep cleaning the tooth surfaces resulting in good oral hygiene. The process of dental scaling constitutes four steps explained below. Examination: Dental procedures start with […]

Immediate Care Tips to Manage Tooth Sensitivity

Oct 15, 2023979 Views

Tooth sensitivity can strike a bell on the most unexpected times. Whether you are out in a club and having the time of your life, taking a first bite of your favorite ice-cream, or biting into that crunchy apple during your lunch break. This tingling sensation can be extremely uncomfortable and unsettling. If you are […]

What is Gum Recession?

Sep 30, 20231080 Views

Gum recession is an oral health condition where your gum that surrounds the tooth/teeth recedes back. This leads to exposing more of your tooth, making it prone to bacteria build up, and decay. If gum recession is left untreated, it can cause the supporting tissue to wear off gradually which can lead to severe damage […]

What are Some Alternatives to Tooth Extractions?

Sep 15, 2023969 Views

Dreading to eat that chocolate bar or dreading to see a dentist because you don’t have to get your teeth removed. This is a question that by far most people are concerned about. With increasing developments in dentistry, there are multiple ways we can restore a decayed tooth or manage decays in general. First of […]

6 common dental issues smile makeover can fix

Aug 30, 20231714 Views

Smile is a universal form of expressing love and joy. It is a natural phenomenon, that if you smile you automatically feel positive and happy. The question is what about people who don’t feel confident when they smile? What is it that’s stopping you from smiling?  Are your crooked teeth not letting your smile to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Snap-In Dentures

Aug 15, 2023967 Views

If you have lost multiple teeth or are already wearing conventional dentures, you may consider replacement with a more reliable, long-term option. Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, many durable tooth replacements are available these days, including snap-in dentures. It is an ideal solution for those who have lost most or all of their […]


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